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Working on two different computers? Keep your files up-to-date
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28 September 2012

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Laptops were devised as means of flexible working by professionals on the move under any situations and can keep themselves updated via Internet at anytime of the day. Further, desktops are already provided to all professionals at their work premises and in case of professional tours being taken by specific people for varied reasons that includes national and international visits wherein the laptop is the most practical utility. There can be situations wherein an individual is working on a desktop as well as a portable notebook and the work files need to be kept updated on both of them to make things easy and do not wish to handle the hassle of maintaining files on two mediums and hence the facility of Twin Folders 4.3 can be utilized that can synchronize files easily.

Twin Folders 4.3 upon launch opens with a neatly organized interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the main screen displaying the folder list as stored up on both the systems. The options at the bottom of the screen displayed back up controls and other synchronization options for the folders created. The user can run the synchronization before or after the usage of any of the computer systems; either desktop or laptop. Furthermore, it also has the capability to back up and restore options for the files uploaded and also enables accessing of FTP folders and work on timer or folder change event. The application is very smart in its working as during a synchronization attempt, if the two selected files/folders do not match it warns the user and prompts a conclusive message at all times.

Overall, Twin Folders definitely comes across as simple yet effective tool for coordinating files updated on two different mediums and hence gets a rating of 3.5 points for its functional working.

Publisher's description

Twin Folders is a file and folder synchronization utility. If you are working on two different computers - for example a desktop and a notebook, then you need to keep your work files up-to-date at both of them. Perhaps you do not want to even remember what computer you used last, and next time you want to work on either of them. Twin Folders file synchronizer will make the right choice. Run synchronization before or after you use any of your computers and eliminate any concerns. It also able to backup/restore your files, access FTP folders and work on timer and/or folder content change event.
Twin Folders
Twin Folders
Version 4.5
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